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In this blog post I am going to show you nearly everything I ate during my “girls weekend away” in Kraków, Poland last weekend. So hopefully, if you decide to go to Kraków, you’ll have a fair idea of what vegan food is available.

And I am telling you this – there is HEAPS on offer in Kraków! I was so surprised to be honest. We were there from Friday night to Monday evening and in that time we went to 5 veggie/vegan places, and one conventional place that had nearly a nearly 50% vegan menu!

It was so fun exploring around the city and accidentally finding veggie and vegan café’s. I must say too, I was extremely lucky to have two very willing friends with me who didn’t complain once about having to eat in veggie places. Well, technically one of the girls is a vegetarian so I’m sure it was fun for her anyway! But it was still really nice to not feel awkward or annoying when we went to try and get food. So thanks girls! 😀

Oh! And also…I treated myself to a new camera for my birthday so this was the big debut for the new camera! I’m no expert yet so excuse any dodgy photos. The girls were very patient with me too while I tried to get the best shots wherever we were! All praise is welcome too for any good pictures…:)


Location: ul. Jozefa Dietla 49, Krakow 31-054, Poland

We went here for breakfast on Saturday as it was very close to our apartment. It’s a very casual, canteen style café/restaurant with anything from juices, smoothies and salads to savoury pancakes and traditional Tibetan dumplings called “Momo” (hence the name Momo…). I went for the spinach and tofu crepes, and a portion of momo. Both were very different to anything I had tried before but very very tasty and warming and just perfect after the night before!


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Location: ul. Starowislna 6, Krakow 31-032, Poland

Vegab is a tiny little vegan fast food joint that mainly does kebabs (Vegab>Kebab…..get it..?). There were like proper doner kebabs but injected with wheatgrass! They were so healthy it wasn’t real. So much delicious salad toppings and vegan sauces – it was amazing!! This counted as our dinner on Saturday night but we were fine with that because we had a big night ahead of us!

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Location: pl. Jana Matejki 2, Krakow 31-157, Poland

Gah! Glonojad broke my heart and shattered my dreams! I went out of the way to go here because I read online that they do vegan pierogi (a typical Polish dumpling that I had here 4 years ago and became obsessed with). Obviously I ordered it, but, 10 minutes later I was told they had NO PIEROGI LEFT!!! WAHHHHHHHHHH I still pine over the vegan pierogi that I never got to try…If anyone has a vegan pierogi recipe please send it my way pronto. Aside from that we did have some other vegan delights from the mixed veggie and vegan menu such as samosas, salads, and tacos. Glonojad was probably one of the cooler, more popular places in town because it had funky outdoor seating and sold beer!

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Location: Dolnych Mlynow 10, Krakow 31-123, Poland

Veganic is situated in Tytano which is a kind of hiptser, up-and-coming part of the city with lots of events and clubs in the vicinity. It has a full bar so is the most modern veggie restaurant that we found. The menu is more vegetarian than vegan but anything we tried was really tasty. Unfortunately I was let down here as well when I was told the vegan burger was finished for the night :(. Instead I had an avocado pesto spaghetti. We had beetroot hummus to start and rhubarb crumble to finish. It was nice but I would have preferred if we had more vegan options. They make a mean bloody Mary though! Oh, and the photos here were taken with my phone because I didn’t trust myself with the camera at night.

IMG_3855 IMG_3862 IMG_3865 IMG_3868

Café Młynek

Location: pl. Wolnica 7, Krakow 31-060, Poland

This was a delightful find! It is on one of the squares in the Jewish quarter and has a very traditional feel to it so when we saw the sign saying “Vegan Breakfasts” we were shocked. We tried it out anyway. I couldn’t choose between the vegan breakfast and the vegan pancakes – but I’m glad I went for the pancakes in the end! The vegan breakfast was more like a salad dinner! It did look tasty mind you, but not for my birthday breakfast. I was delighted with my corn pancakes with grated apple and maple syrup. They were crispy so not very “American”, but probably very Polish! And that’s my favourite thing about travelling to lesser developed countries – they are not as Americanised and there is so much more culture. Krakow has amazing culture! Even most of the vegan food we tried was distinctly Polish.


DSC_0327 DSC_0328


Location: ul. Slawkowska 8, Krakow 31-014, Poland

Right, I know I’m after singing the praises of the true Polish culture but this vegan burger bar really was the icing on the cake during our culinary exploration of Kraków. Again, we found it accidentally! It’s a fast food place so the decor matches the food style but with a modern and hipster touch as well. And the food…*salivates while thinking back* was so ridiculously good…! There were loads of different burger types from roasted vegetables to tofu burgers to chickpea burgers. I got the tofu burger, and although it was more slabs of tofu than an actual burger, it was still absolutely delicious. Like the kebab place there were so many salad toppings to choose from, plus vegan cheese and different sauces like mayo and mustard. Honestly, it was top notch. Just great. Thank you Kraków!

DSC_0386 DSC_0391 DSC_0388

Street Food

During the bike tour that we we did on Sunday, our tour guide stopped in the main square of Kasmierz, the Jewish quarter. He recommended we try this typical Polish street food called Zapiekanki. I was worried there might be no vegan option but to my delight it was actually just a baguette covered in toppings of your choice! It was a big, wide and deep baguette, so fairly filling. I topped mine with spinach, olives and mushrooms. They put it in the oven and then you have a choice of sauces. I decided to skip the sauce but it was still really good! I’d definitely recommend trying it.


Halva or Chałva

You may have heard of this as a dessert or sweet snack from various different countries from Eastern Europe to the Middle East. It’s made from ground up sesame seeds (like tahini) and sugar. There was a Polish festival on while we were there so there were many vendors selling different Polish delicacies. I was delighted to hear that it contained no animal ingredients, and so, me and the girls shared a small portion of the chocolate flavoured Chałva. It was so good and again – if anyone has any good recipes for this please let me know!

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I hope you found this review of Kraków’s vegan establishments and offerings helpful and interesting. I would highly recommend Kraków as a city destination for vegans because you will be well looked after. I hope you can share this post in support of the great work the vegans of Kraków are doing.


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  1. Hi Amy thank you for great info on vegan food in Krakow i havent been there yet but it is on my go to list of places . I love reading your posts entertaining and informative keep it up . Mary x

  2. Wow!! They all look great! I’m going to Krakow tomorrow and would like to visit some restaurants on your list. It’s so useful! Thank you for sharing it

  3. Thank you for this! I’m heading to Krakow in a couple of weeks and am so excited for all these vegan options! xx

  4. Very helpful and informative – hoping to go to Krakow soon and I’m very glad the veg*an revolution has reached there already! BTW how did you navigate around the city? Please don’t say on your phone! What do the numbers after the street names mean?

      • I expect our hotel will have a map of the city centre. We’ll definitely be following your recommendations for the vegan eateries and I’d also like to do a cycle tour of the city. Looking forward to it and thanks for replying!

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