Imagine just accidentally making the best tasting thing you’ve ever tasted on a whim…! That’s how I discovered this tahini chocolate sauce.

I had made some pancakes with nothing planned for a topping and last minute I was just like “oh I have half a bar of dark chocolate”. I wondered how I could turn it into a chocolate sauce with no coconut butter, peanut butter, coconut oil, or any sort of fat to mix through the chocolate. Then a random thought popped into my head: “tahini is a fat…people put tahini in desserts…I have tahini in the fridge…”.

So, I decided to experiment and literally just added a tablespoon of tahini, the half bar of chocolate, and a bit more than a tablespoon of brown sugar to a bain-marie. It all melted together but it didn’t seem creamy enough, so I added a few drops of soya milk and stirred that through. The result was a creamy shiny rich chocolate sauce – within about 6 minutes. I could not believe how easy it was.

tahini chocolate sauce
I lathered my chocolate chip pancakes in the tahini chocolate sauce

If you’re already vegan, I’m going to assume you know what tahini is and use it on a regular basis. But if you’re newly vegan, or thinking about it, tahini is a great staple to have in your kitchen cupboard. It’s a paste made from blended sesame seeds and is a key ingredient in hummus and things like salad dressings. It’s an excellent source of plant-based calcium and B vitamins! Consider it a necessity in your life!

I hope you enjoy this recipe – it is so handy to throw together and so rich and decadent.


Makes: 1 cup of sauce

Prep time: 1 minute

Cook time: 6 minutes

vegan chocolate sauce


2 tbsp tahini
½ bar of dark chocolate (around 40g)
3 tbsp maple syrup (agave, rice syrup, date syrup and brown sugar also work)
Some plant-based milk to help with consistency


  1. Make a bain-marie by heating up some water in a pot and placing a heat-proof dish over it.
  2. Add the chocolate to the bain-marie dish when the water starts to boil.
  3. It will melt quickly but you can help it along my stirring it with a silicon spatula or just a wooden spoon.
  4. Add the tahini and whatever sweetener you decide to use and stir them together until they all melt together and form a creamy chocolate paste.
  5. You will probably need to add a few drops of plant-based milk to loosen it into more of a runny chocolate sauce. Add a few drops of milk and stir it through until you get a shiny creamy consistency.
  6. Keep adding the milk until you get the quantity and consistency you want, stirring all the time.
  7. Pour the sauce into a container and pour over your pancakes or your vegan ice cream or any delicious vegan treat you’ve made yourself!

Or, here’s an idea: don’t add so much milk and keep it more like a paste and spread it on toast like Nutella!


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Amy xx


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