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Hi folks.

Sustainable shopping is the topic of the day.

I just wanted to share this outfit with you to show that you can put funky outfits together using thrifted, vintage and second-hand clothes.


As a conscious shopper, I aim to buy all my clothes from either second hand shops or sustainable fashion brands.

My second hand clothes come from vintage shops like Nine Crows (my favourite), charity shops, flea markets, my mum’s wardrobe (or my Dad’s), or Ebay or Depop.

Sustainable brands are more expensive than the cheap fast fashion chain stores dominating the high street, so unfortunately I don’t have too many pieces from these companies – but I do dabble when I can afford it. Some good sites from conscious shopping are:

There are bazillions more but they’re good places to start!



Shades: found them in my house years ago. Convinced they belonged to my late great-aunty or one of my grannys back in the day.

Shirt: belonged to my mum in the 80’s and 90’s.

Belt: another piece nabbed from the mammy.

Jeans: one of the best finds ever from Nine Crows in Dublin.

Runners: a present from 4 years ago (before I was a conscious shopper) – they’re not falling apart yet so no need to dump them but I do not support Nike and don’t want to promote them! Please do not shop from Nike. Buy second hand Nike goods from eBay or Depop if you must.

Coat: my proudest moment. Found this in my local St. Vincent de Paul charity shop in my home town. The original buttons were brown plastic and cheap looking so I bought those green and gold traditional looking ones in a local craft shop and has them sown on. Result = my favourite coat ever in the whole world.

I hope you enjoyed this little fashion post. Let me know if I should do more. I love finding nice pieces second-hand but sometimes I don’t know how to put outfits together. I think this one worked well though. All opinions welcome.

Amy x

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