Superfoods Takeaway – The Cleanest Food in Dublin

Situated in the most unlikely place  -a dark corner of an outdated, underground shopping centre, at the Parnell end of Moore St.- Superfoods Takeaway’s bright, rainbow-like display sets it apart from the greasy, meat-laden, canteen style restaurants that surround it. You know by the modest -but effective- front display of menu-boards written out with multi-coloured chalk, and the salads, juices and unprocessed desserts behind the glass, that the focus here is health.


They don’t proclaim to be selling any one “superfood”, and they aren’t touting the benefits of one random plant found in the South American jungle, they are just cooking food in a clean, healthy way – the proper way. No fryers, no chemical additives or artificial flavours, no microwaves, no FRYLITE (praise the Lord), no shortcuts! They know healthy food. They know superfoods. It’s plants, plants and more plants, in the forms of fruits, vegetables, gluten-free whole-grains, nuts, seeds and pulses.

Although there is meat on the menu, this is likely to change because the owners are aware of the health benefits of cutting out meat, and they are also very aware of the growing vegan community in Dublin. But, because of their off-the beaten track location, to keep the business alive they feel that it’s necessary to have the meat option there. That’s where us vegans and health conscious people come in! We need to make this a regular spot because as we know supply = demand! The more vegan dishes we demand the more they will supply :).

Daniel, who runs Superfoods with his partner Beata, says they are like a food pharmacy. I love that. No need for pills and prescriptions when you eat right.

The whole menu is gluten-free, refined sugar free and dairy free. It’s the cleanest food in Dublin. And flavour is not sacrificed for health, contrary to what is usually expected. We sampled the chickpea dish that happened to be on as a special that day and it really showed their dedication to the proper way of cooking because they soak and cook the chickpeas themselves! Such dedication, and it is so worth it because that was the nicest chickpea I had ever tasted.



I was delighted to hear that the soup of the day was parsnip, fennel and wild garlic, and I was even more delighted after tasting it. It was bright green like the hoops on my old Celtic jerseys, and they add a touch of class by sprinkling it with some toasted seeds and soy sauce just before serving. The soup was so so smooth and velvety, nothing like a big thick, potato-like soup that we’d be used to here. It was divine.

The selection of salads and burger I had to follow were a hit too. There was sauerkraut, two different slaws, a butternut squash and sage dish, and a beautiful green salad, and every single bit of it is homemade (on site) by them. There was no oily or greasy residue from the food, so I could taste the real flavours of the vegetable ingredients.

And one excellent quality of the food is that it is not salty. The worst thing about eating out, anywhere, vegan or not, is the salt! Most chefs douse their food in salt, and as someone who tries to avoid salt, when I taste anything with more salt added, it is horrible. But I didn’t get this here. I didn’t wake up the next day with puffy eyes craving water. Fantastic!13105814_1741825982728698_351384307_o

Oh, and I couldn’t forget the burger. It looked like the real thing and was so full of flavour. I can’t put my finger on what it is but I’d have to say it is one of the better vegan burgers I’ve tasted in my life. I will definitely be going back for that. The burger with the sauerkraut and some greens was divine.

Oh my God and the green juice! I can’t go on forever here but I opted for the green juice and fig tart to finish. If you like dried figs this was for you. It had a coconutty base and a creamy figgy top layer. Actually wish I had one right now. But the juice! It had to be the nicest green juice I ever had. Again, like the soup, it was so smooth….as if they pass it through a muslin cloth. No idea how they do it — but it’s good. My juice had rhubarb in it which was very interesting. I did not know you could juice rhubarb but I’m glad you can because it’s a delight!


So to summarize, I couldn’t fault the food. They are so so skilled at what they do, and so knowledgeable. You’ll know just from talking to them. And no, it’s not like a generic “trend-following” juice bar that gives menu items fancy names that relate to greens and superfoods to try to fake quality. This is actual quality. No need to put any fancy names on anything. They just call the food what it is but use top quality ingredients and prepare it in a healthy and nutrition-focused way.

Trust me, go here once, and you’ll be hooked. The foods speaks for itself.


Price Range: €€

Location:   (down the escalator and around to the right)

Cuisine: healthy/gluten-free/dairy-free/vegan options

Notable dishes: Vegan burger, soup, green juice, fig cake

PROS: The cleanest food in Dublin with huge flavour! It’s a guilt-free takeaway with food heavy in nutrients…couldn’t recommend it enough.

CONS: They serve meat 🙁 and also the location because they are worthy of a restaurant amongst the likes of Cornucopia! This is why we need to support them. We need to make sure they do so well that they can soon move into a proper restaurant and hopefully transition to a mainly vegan menu.

13113241_1741825376062092_814290719_oAll photos belong to Superfoods (my iPhone is good but it’s not that good in an underground mall…!)



Amy xx


  1. Thank you Amy for all your information regarding the vegan way of life I live in Galway but am storing your information on eating places in Dublin with great interest for when me or my family are up there . I am enjoying your recipes too so keep up the good work . Thanks from Mary x

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