Product Review – SynerChi Kombucha – Ireland’s First Kombucha

I am now a kombucha addict. I’m a kombuchaholic. How this has come about I just don’t now.

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Well actually it probably came about through the law of attraction! Yay! Over the past year or maybe 10 months I kept seeing these bottles of SynerChi Kombucha everywhere, and I kept thinking to myself: “That’s that fermented fizzy drink stuff that’s meant to be really good for gut flora. I need that. I need it for the same reason I needed sauerkraut.”

But I’m not an impulse buyer so as these thoughts raced through my head I was probably away out the door. But then, a few months after first seeing this SynerChi Kombucha, I had a beautiful gift of a box of SynerChi Kombucha bestowed upon me!


Oh and they are brewed in Donegal. 🙂 #proud

Hold on a minute Amy. What in God’s name is Kombucha?

  • Kombucha is basically a healthy version of a mineral/soft drink.
  • It’s made by  naturally fermenting whole leaf green sencha teas with a live culture.
  • It’s a probiotic meaning it has healthy bacteria that feed the gut bacterial flora

What’s this about probiotics and bacteria?

How can drinking kombucha improve our health?

  • Because of the cultures and raw enzymes SynerChi Kombucha provides a range of benefits for the body, including the maintenance of digestive comfort, the regulation of the immune system, improved skin, uplifted mood, clears candida and lots of other stuff! Click here for a more comprehensive and detailed description of kombucha.
  • They use the whole leaf of the green tea to brew it so you get maximum antioxidant benefit. And trust me, after reading the book “How Not To Die” by Dr Michael Greger, I am now an unofficial spokesperson for antioxidants. THERE ARE SO GOD DAMN IMPORTANT. And green tea is one of the best sources of antioxidants and, even better, the fermentation process actually makes the antioxidants more bioavailable in your body (meaning your body can make use of more of them).


So for the last 3 weeks I’ve been drinking Kombucha by the bottle. The flavours I’ve tried are the Original Sencha Tea, Raspberry and Rosehip and Oranges and Lemons. To be honest I couldn’t pick a favourite.

It’s quite fitting really that we’re in summer now. Now you can enjoy your green tea antioxidant hit in the form of a chilled refreshing soft drink – perfect! Summer sorted.

Why would I decide to drink Kombucha instead of a Coke or 7UP?

  • Eh, duh…did you not just hear how many antioxidants it has and all the health benefits?download (1)
  • Normal minerals are basically liquid sugar. They have no benefit to anything on this planet whatsoever.
  • SynerChi Kombucha are a tasty, fizzy, non-teeth rotting, health-promoting drink and you get the same effect as a mineral when you open the bottle! It has the “tsst” and the chilled tasty fizziness hits the same spot as what any other fizzy drink would. Only it has a purpose.
  • It’s basically sugar-free and has negligent calories. No guilt.
  • Oh and did I mention that it has actual hangover curing properties? Founder of SynerChi talks about this in this video.


Is it tasty?

  • Yes! Once you get used to the subtleness (no sugar remember), you will notice the flavour and appreciate it so much more. To be honest, I don’t normally drink minerals. Never have. So I didn’t think I’d like it as I thought it was just a substitute for a mineral. But I actually find myself wanting one every day and really enjoying it.
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Synerchi is Ireland’s first Kombucha brewery and they are sold all over the country in health food shops, Supervalue, Topaz, Applegreen and many other convenience stores!

Sláinte. x


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