Product Review: Salvie Sea Natural Skincare



When I spoke to Salvie Sea Natural Skin Care stand at the Letterkenny Artisan Market they were kind enough to give me a few testers to try. I used all these products daily for the last two weeks and I can say that I was very impressed. They are a local business whose products are based on natural seaweed extracts and essential oils. They do not test on animals and are completely vegan! 🙂 Read my review of their stand at the market to find out more about them.


Cleansing Lotion



To use this cleansing lotion I pour a small amount into my hands and rub it all over my face in circular motions. After around a minute of massaging the lotion into my face I use a wet cloth to rub it all off. I use it in the mornings and then at night and sometimes to take my make-up off. Regarding make-up removal, it is good, as in it definitely gets all your make up off. But, if you wear mascara and eye-liner etc., it can sting your eyes a bit. So, I would recommend using coconut oil to remove the eye make-up first, and then cleansing as usual with the Salvie Sea cleansing lotion. It leaves your skin feeling really smooth and clean.

On their website they state that this lotion is “enriched with a combination of powerful marine extracts and rich oils known for their superior antioxidant and healing properties”.

What’s funny is that I was using this cleanser for a week before I even went to their website and read this, and, I had already been convinced that my skin had improved after using it!

I had a bit of a bad breakout the week before I started trying the products (I think due to hormones and very fattening food…) and sure enough, my skin began to heal and clear up while I was using this cleanser. Now, I’m no dermatologist so I can’t tell you that it was definitely due to these marine extracts and rich oils but, I certainly believed that it helped!




I absolutely loved this toner! I dab some on a cotton pad after cleansing and use it to remove any excess cleanser and to get that tight, clean feeling. And it did exactly that. It felt really refreshing to use as it had that very subtle stinginess to it that you often want from a toner. But not in a sore or sharp way, more like sea water! I really liked this toner and I would highly recommend it. It’s addictive!


Face Cream


Looking at this face cream you’d think it was like any other. But it is a lot lighter on the face. It isn’t thick or heavy and it seeps in quickly. When you use this at night you wake up with skin as soft as a baby kitten. So silky!

As it’s natural, it doesn’t contain any harsh fragrances that lure you into believing that you are putting something nice on your face (like many big brand moisturisers do). It has a very delicate natural scent that isn’t sickening or overpowering.

If you compare this face cream to some of the top high-end moisturisers, you will notice that the ingredient list is far smaller, with a lot more natural ingredients, and a lot less (i.e. none!) petrochemicals such as Parabens, Sodium Lauryl Sulphate,  PEGs – Polyethylene glycol.

And they do not test on animals, like many of the big brands do (Lancome, Estee Lauder, Clinique, Clarins etc)! I know there is a law now in the EU that means that no product sold here can be tested on animals, but, to sell in China these products do have to be tested on animals. So many big brands have to allow for this to happen so that they can sell, i.e. make money, i.e. they are torturing innocent animals for profit.

This is not ethical or right at all and this is why we as consumers need to pay more attention to who we are buying from. Which is why I like to try local brands like this one who have a conscious. 🙂


Hand Cream


The hand cream is lovely and light but really moisturising. It didn’t leave my hands feeling slimey and slippy at all. It absorbed so well and so quickly.

My hands were a bit dry from working as a waitress and I had a few dry and peeling bits on my palms, but these are all gone now, and my hands are softer than ever! I can’t really think of anything negative to say about this hand cream. It does what it’s supposed to and it’s full of natural oils and seaweed extracts. What more could you want!


Foot Cream


This was one of my favourite products. I swear my feet are like velvet slippers after using it! Again, like all their products, it is very light and absorbs so well. It’s definitely not the kind of food cream where you have to sit for five minutes after applying it so you don’t slip on the tiles! This is an excellent product in my opinion and I would highly recommend it.


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