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  1. Hi Beautiful!

    I absolutely shared your sense of panic at bloodwork done this spring, while following an almost-vegan (some fish; I live on Long Island, in New York, and the occasional seafood dinner is very much a cultural staple…though it likely is in Ireland as well and you manage to abstain)! And while I share you vitamin D deficiency….I’d much much rather have that and feel lovely and full of love and light than to feel heavy and acne-ridden because of dairy hormones (very common in the US) etc.

    Your hair is absolutely stunning! That texture is so naturally glamorous, and effortlessly chic. I know thats not the point of this post, but well done beauty!


  2. Hello!
    I enjoyed reading this blog post. I started The Blushing Beetroot last year and I document my vegetarian/vegan recipes and try to highlight animal welfare and how our food choices impact on animals.
    I thought you might like to read my latest article ‘Calcium’. If you get a chance to read this post on theblushingbeetroot.com let me know. Thanks


  3. Hi, am on the lookout for cruelty free vegan tinted moisturiser, can you help me? and can you tell me how to find out if a particular brand is cruelty free, e.g. Vichy

    many thanks

    • Hi Anne! Well I’ll tell you what I know but I wouldn’t say I’ve found THE answer yet…as in the thing that i’d keep buying forever! But I have used the Body Shop BB cream and I liked it. It was very subtle but good at the same time – but this was summer when I had a colour anyway…not sure what it would be like for winter skin. Also some people don’t actually agree with The Body Shop because they are owned by Loreal. At the moment what I’m doing is using the Lush Colour Supplement and mixing that in with my moisturiser. It works really well for my skin and it blends in really well with the moisturiser – probably because they are the same brand. But you could try it with any moisturiser. Regarding big brands, I know Urban Decay have a BB cream and they are cruelty free. I’ve never tried it though but I love their stuff I’d say it’s very good. And I heard on the grapevine recently that Nars is cruelty free but I’ve never used their stuff. I hope that helps! 🙂 x

    • Agh sorry just reading the bottom half of this message! There are websites that do lists of cruelty free brands. You basically just have to google it and it will come up in the first few row! That’s what I do. I don’t follow any particular site, I just google it if I want to find out. “Is Vichey cruelty-free” << for example! Hope that helps xx

  4. hi, could you please provide quantities for the oats and yogurt. I’m not familiar with the brands. Also, is bread soda, baking soda? Thanks!

    • Hi Sue, the yoghurt tub holds 500g of yoghurt. Not sure how much the oats weigh when they’re in a container of that size but the bag of oats we used was 500g and there was probably around 100g or less left in it – so maybe try 400g of oats? And no I asked my mum this too – bread soda is different to baking soda but I have no idea why! Happy baking 🙂 x

        • Bread Soda and Baking soda are two different things that serve to do similar things All baking powders contain sodium bicarbonate (just like baking soda). But baking powder also contains two acids You need a larger quantity of baking powder than you would if using bread soda .. hence more delicate recipes like cupcakes use baking powder while brown bread usually calls for the bread soda

          • In the UK baking soda is bicarbonate of soda and is the same as bread soda, baking powder is different.

      • I bake this bread all the time,,12oz oats,,500grm low fat yoghurt [55c in aldi]1tsp salt,2 tsp bread soda,1 egg,,tablespoon milk or water,,use a big bowl and spatula,,never have to touch the mix,tip into a pre greased tin,bake at gas mark 6 for 60 mins,,turn upside down for 10 min,,personally i add 2 tablespoons sunflower seeds or other to the mix,,,prepare;empty yogurt into bowl,,weigh 12oz oats,,crack egg into yog carton+milk/water and whisk,,grease 1lb loaf tin,,heat oven to gas mark 6,,add bread soda and salt to egg mix and whisk,,pour into yogurt and stir with spatula,,mixture will start to fluff up,,add in oats and stir well until fully mixed,,put in tin,,smooth top and cut cross and into the oven,for a delicous bread

        • slightly different to this one seeing as there’s real milk, yoghurt, and an egg in it! I’m sure yours is lovely though but the focus on this site is that we don’t need animal products to make delicious breads and other recipes! 🙂

          • I got this recepie as being Gluten free,,could be any drop of liquid,,i use water,,i’ve seen yoghurt mentiond several times here,,sorry for saturating your site with animal products.

          • Hadent realised your site was Gluten/Vegan free,,im sure theirs a substitute for egg,which i suppose binds it together,i am no expert,only guessing.I will have a go at your recipe though,are alpro products different ?

          • this recipe doesn’t need an egg substitute – it works perfectly without it! And Alpro yoghurts are based on soya beans and therefore plantbased. The one I use for this bread is slightly sweetened which shows through then in the bread and makes it the most delicious bread to have with jam and a cup of tea!

      • bread soda its called in ireland chemically called sodium bicarbonate
        i wish i could find a recipe using coconut ,almond or other nut flour instead of oats. I am on a Paleo diet Help

        • First word of advice: get off the paleo diet! whole grains and legumes are the healthiest foods on the planet, as well as fruits and vegetables. Look up The Starch Solution.

    • Bread soda and baking soda are all bicarbonate of soda, so you can interchange them. Brad soda may have something added, but ordinary baking soda will work as it is activated by the acids in the yoghurt.

  5. Have made this so many times, also adding dried fruit, mixed peal, berrys, and the flavoured alpro yogurt. Haven alcohol done cinema and nutmeg, they are all lovely but I wonder do you know what the nutritional info or the basic recipe is? Calories, carbs ect?

    • hi jenny, I can find out nutritional info for the individual ingredients but I’m not sure if it would change when baked…ill find out anyway and report back to you! ☺️

  6. Have made this so many times, also adding dried fruit, mixed peal, berrys, and the flavoured alpro yogurt. Have also done cinnamon and nutmeg, they are all lovely but I wonder do you know what the nutritional info or the basic recipe is? Calories, carbs ect?

  7. I followed the recipe exactly and it came out as crumbling oat chunks.
    Is the recipe missing something?
    Should the oats be powdered and made more like a flour?
    Should a substance be added to hold the ingredients together? Like an egg?

    • That’s the first I’ve heard of it going wrong now! I don’t know how that would have happened though because it is such a straightforward recipe…basically mix everything up in a bowl…like in the pictures I included…You sure you used the exact ingredients and amounts?

  8. This is officially my new favourite thing !!!
    Just made another 2 loaves. I’m in Ottawa, Canada and my aunt in Dublin posted this last week. You have to love the power of Facebook sometimes.

  9. Hi I tried the recipe this evening and it came out great. I will use it again. I used rye flakes and buckwheat flakes. The mix was quite wet.. I would have liked if it had risen more, I used regular soda, hot baking soda, anyway happy with how it turned out all the same.

  10. Is this on the fan setting on your oven or just on regular 180? I didn’t use the fan and it came out doughy and raw. Putting it back in now for a while though.

    • Mine came out doughy and raw too. I’m sure it’ll be ok toasted but maybe I need to cook it for longer.

      • Hi, it is usually slightly doughy for me too but I like it that way. Shouldn’t be raw though…I always put it in the oven on a much lower temp for about half an hour, out of the tin and upside down, after the main baking. I think I described this in the method. I hope it works out for you 🙂

  11. DELICIOUS! These came out amazing!
    After they cooled down I sliced and wrapped them individually and refridgerated them. I eat one for breakfast at work every morning. It holds my appetite for hours. I’ve been looking for something like this for so long; no flour, no eggs, just healthy, simple and delicious. It makes me feel happy inside and out. Thank you so much!

    • Hi Michelle, I’m so sorry I only just saw the email about your comment. I can’t believe your the only person that spotted that! You add the flour before the flavourings. So when all the veg is in the pot and starting to cook you add the flour. And let the veg coat in the flour before you add the flavourings! So sorry I didn’t have that in I will change it right now 🙂

  12. Organic? or conventional?
    Are you misleading the public?
    John and indeed Gareth will both tell You they are not Organic.
    I do know that John is interested and indeed looking into certification.

    • Yes you’re right they are not officially certified. But, they are organic in the way that the public understands what organic means. No pesticides/sprays etc. Only thing they use is a fungicide on the potatoes that organic farmers are allowed used. That’s as organic as you can get. I know because I visited the farm last September. I saw all the fields and polytunnels and was given a very thorough tour of the place and was explained how they conduct their farming. Ok so they don’t have a sticker that says “organic” but to me it’s organic. And to most people who understand what organic means, it is organic. Sticker or not! 🙂

  13. Hiya, where have you found the coconut yogurt? I am struggling to find in donegal. Thank you. Oh and i will definitely be trying your friend’s parmesan cheese recipe!

    • Hi Julie, I wrote that last summer when I had just moved home from England where I worked in a health food shop so maybe I naively assumed that it would be available over here! Have you tried Natural Way in Letterkenny? If none of the supermarkets have it that would be my last resort! Sorry if it’s not available I probably shouldn’t have put it on the list when I didn’t even know if it was available! x

  14. Thank you Amy for all your information regarding the vegan way of life I live in Galway but am storing your information on eating places in Dublin with great interest for when me or my family are up there . I am enjoying your recipes too so keep up the good work . Thanks from Mary x

    • hmm i’m not sure to be honest! i would try the Asian shops! they have most random things 🙂 Oh and farmers markets. I got mine in Donegal so that’s why I don’t know!:)

  15. Hi Amy thank you for great info on vegan food in Krakow i havent been there yet but it is on my go to list of places . I love reading your posts entertaining and informative keep it up . Mary x

  16. great post Amy and thanks for all the links and especially the irish ones thanks so much and I love your passion you’re keeping me on this journey too 🙂 Go you Go us 🙂

  17. Amen to not eating meat and dairy for being healthier – plus it’s kind to animals :D. Also amen to having a tidy room! Tidy house tidy mind 🙂

  18. Really interesting read, basically I am pretty unhealthy going by that but at least now I know my tea is good for me! I drink it black and have about 6 cups a day! Must try and cut down on the meat and increase the veggies. Great info.

  19. Very interesting, thanks for taking the time to put it together and posting it. Keep up the great work you do. Only came across your work today by chance on YouTube. Best Regards, Pia x

  20. Hi Amy
    Only getting a chance to read your post and it’s fantastic. I can imagine the work that went in to doing that. Passion keeps us going. I was delighted that I could tick of most of the tips and enjoyed how you got so much in to each piece.
    Did wonder about coconut oil and if you think a good organic raw coconut oil could be part of a healthy diet.
    Thanks for the read and promoting hugs.
    Great photos. Love the top of the mountain one.

    • Hey Mitzie – thank you so much for your lovely comment 🙂 Your very welcome i genuinely love hugs! Regarding coconut oil, no it doesn’t have a place in my diet at all! Going by the teachings of doctors like John McDougall, Cauldwell Essyltein, T. COlin Campbell, and Michael Greger, they all say no oil whatsoever, no matter how organic or raw. All oil is so high in fat and damages our arteries. There’s a few good videos on Youtube of some of these doctors explaining why. If you go to Nutrition Facts youtube channel and type in coconut oil you’ll find something with more information 🙂

  21. Great, just coming from breakfast and hungry again. This looks really YUM! Too bad they’ve taken some down, I couldn’t imagine it wouldn’t be successful enough… sigh.

  22. Wonderful info and i do some of these already…still learning though and enjoying the journey! What about udos oil which you get in health food shops…is that ok to use? Im living in Louth in Ireland…my next step is to change the make up I use. Only found your page tonight and it is s good way fof md not to feel alone in my attempt to go fully vegan.

    • Hi AnneMarie! Lovely to hear from you 🙂 I know there are a lot of oils that have more nutrients than others, but when it comes to cooking, they are all 100% fat. The body does far far better with more 80% calories coming from whole, plant based, carbohydrates, like frui, veggies, whole grains and starches like potatoes, corn and sweet potatoes. Healthy fats like avocado and nute and seeds are recommended too but shouldn’t be the bulk of the meal – just a small addition. If we ate oil as well as all this food, the ratio of carbs to fat would end up being fat too fat-heavy as fat is so calorically dense. If you have oil I would keep it to a very minimum, and only use raw. If you go to YouTube, type into the search bar “vegsource oil” you will find some videos about oil from top doctors. Thank you for your comment! 🙂 Best of luck with being vegan!xx

  23. Wow. I have been a daily follower of your instagram since watching a few of those documentaries during the summer and becoming an over night vegetarian. I’ve cut out meat, fish, dairy and eggs at home but don’t ask too much questions outside of that and can relate to feeling bad eating something knowing it has dairy but trying nor to be “difficult” or just because it’s cake. I thought I’d never be able to be completely vegan but knowing you started the same way has given me fresh determination. Thank you Amy.

    • Oh that’s so nice to hear! Well done for getting to where you are now – there’s no shame in falling off the wagon! Keep up the good work 🙂 And thank you for the lovely comment!x

  24. You did this post at a time when I needed to hear that becoming vegan is a transition and doesn’t happen over night. I have a 17 month old, I’m breastfeeding and pregnant which all impacts your diet so I’ve found it a tough transition. I’m fully vegetarian now since probley 3 months ago I think and funnily enough my son is actually fully vegan as he has a dairy allergy so I only just needed to cook him meatless meals. I’m now working on going off dairy, I’m off eggs and milk but the hidden dairy is hard when your a fat starving pregnant hormonal mamma! Not that that’s my excuse! My end goal is to be vegan and my son and I’m excited to think my next baby will be vegan from birth! Thank you for this post, I feel like I’m not failing now and that I’m progressing!

    • Wow how interesting! Your story is amazing and well done for managing the way you do so far, it can’t be easy when you have babies – fair play to you though and keep it up! The hidden dairy is the worst…it’s very hard to avoid without going hungry when in tricky situations. Well done though and thank you very much for your comment 🙂 x

  25. I was influenced by girls I used to work with. First cut out red meat, then chicken, then fish. I have been a vegetarian about 16 years now and then started having problems with dairy so I became Vegan around 8 years ago. I still get asked loads of questions by people regarding where I get my protein and I still receive abuse from some people but I will not be changing back. Glad to see more and more products becoming available. I just wish restaurants and hotels would Buck up their ideas. I am usually charged more for a meatless, vegan,dish which is bland and tasteless. Usually pasta in a tomato sauce.

    • Haha yes I agree, can be very awkward sometimes when restaurants just don’t get it. Irish restaurants tend to forget about vegans when planning their menus and then panic when one comes in looking for food! 😀 8 years is ages – so impressive!

      • Thanks Amy, not many of us about then, still not many of us about in Donegal now but it is becoming more acceptable thanks to people like you spreading the good word through blogs and posts. If I mention the word “vegan” some people tend to look at me as if I have 2 heads. I tend to say “vegetarian”. I respect others, meat eaters, fish eaters, dairy eaters, I don’t go around preaching and trying to convert others, however, I just wish that they would give me a break sometimes. A non drinker doesn’t get as many questions or eye rolls or people trying to persuade them that to be a drinker would be better for their health. I almost have to provide a Dr’s certificate…..”yes I had my annual checkup and have been told by my Dr that my health, ie cholesterol and everything else is better than perfect!” Keep up the good work, you are a great advertisement for the cause!

  26. Hola chica!
    Nice to read your story. I thought many times being more vegan but I have an issue; I dont like potatoes, beans and linses! Its the texture, I really can’t enjoy it! For me its like eating flour. I eat less meat than before, but since I can’t eat those basic vegetarian food its too complicated for me to go all vegetarian.

  27. Wow – thanks for this intimate update! This challenge has all been about personal posts anyway, but the more I read, the more I’m amazed to re-realize what kind of unique wonderful human beings stand behind all these blogs.
    I think the most important part is to feel comfortable with yourself and your body, while living consciously. I like how you pointed out the whole process… from the idea, how it was a long struggle to finally find your way that you feel best with. That it’s no transistion made in a second and – boom – you change your complete nutrition, but takes time. Very inspiring!

  28. “Handmade in Donegal” is a company based in Fahan where Sandra makes beautiful handmade, natural soaps, bath bombs and natural candles and reed defusers. Sandra’s products are little works of art, her soaps smell Devine and look good enough to eat. They are not tested on animals and are made using essential oils. You should check the products out on Facebook.

  29. Love this post so much! I’m currently in that ‘limbo’ stage… I’ve been vegetarian for years but I’m struggling to make that final push to go vegan. I’m the same as you, I hate being rude and turning down food that people make for me, and a lot of restaurants in Ireland don’t have vegan options and I hate being ‘awkward’ so I just stick to the vegetarian option… I feel so guilty though 🙁 I’m going to do Veganuary in January though so I’m hoping that’ll work 🙂 That’s a great idea about Lent too, that’ll be my plan B 😛 Love your blogs and YT videos, you’re awesome 😀 Thank you 🙂

    • Thank you so so much I really appreciate your comment and your effort! Best of luck with veganuary! There’s a section now with Irish recipes on it and they’re all from my blog! 😀 It is great to hear that there are more and more Irish vegans/future vegans every day! 😀 xx

  30. Really fantastic post! I’ve been following you since I went vegan in April and your posts have been so helpful. I’m a member of a few vegan Facebook groups and I find that they’re so unbelievably judgemental and cruel towards people who are curious about veganism or are vegetarians interested in transitioning. That kind of negativity just shuts down their interest and puts people on the defensive, and it’s a real pity as it tars all vegans with the same brush. It’s great to see a post like this, though, as it shows that becoming vegan isn’t a race, and that trying to cause the least amount of suffering possible is what matters.

  31. I must try this. I follow the original Weight Watchers Porridge Bread recipe and I’m struggling to adjust it to a dairy free version. I’ve tried the Alpro Almond and Coconut (that was all I could get in the local shop) and the WW recipe calls for 2 tsp Bicarb Soda/Baking Soda/Bread Soda and 1 tsp salt. Your recipe only calls for 1 tsp Bicarb and an addition of treacle and the tbsp milk. Be interesting to see how it fares. So far it’s disgusting and I really miss my proper version. Maybe the plain Alpro flavour will make all the difference. I do note that the Alpro bread is more doughy, stodgy and wet, none of my favourite things. It does take longer to cook, I do 50 mins in tin and 15 out of tin at 180. Will update this comment if anyone is interested. Thank you.

    • Hi Jenny, If I was you I’d leave the bread in the oven at a low heat for a few more minutes. I usually do around 45 minutes at the higher temp and then nearly the same again at a much lower heat – can’t remember what they are off the top of my head but the recipe shows the temps! The longer the better anyway. And the longer you let it rest the better it will be too 🙂

  32. Thank you for such an informative blog. I am almost fully there with being a vegan One thing I will struggle with most is seafood.

    • Hi Angela, I am not sure how that would turn out as it would just be like putting uncooked porridge in the oven! I think the yoghurt is essential. But you could try it anyway and let us know how you get on! 🙂

      • Just tried it and loved it, though I used molasses instead of treacle ( not much difference), on the Yogurt vs milk, this bread recipie is usually with butter milk, I believe it’s because of the extra stage of fermentation, hence yogurt is the best vegan substitute, not all vegan milk, it’s that that gives the ‘soda’ element of the bread process as it has no yeast. .. as far as I’m led to believe

  33. Wow wow wow!!! I’m always looking for easy recipes to bring with me and these 4 are look really great 🙂
    Thank you very much and bring some more please!
    All the best 🙂

  34. Hi Amy,

    I have been a vegan for almost a year now but this will be my first real holiday abroad as a vegan. I am going with my boyfriend who is not a vegan to the Algarve for two weeks, particularly Vilamoura and I was wondering if there were any restaurants you would passionately recommend. Of course I will be shopping a lot of the time and so spending most of my money on fruits, vegetables and carbs but sometimes it can get a little boring and I’ll need to go out to eat to make things more interesting (in England we have great options for vegans). I also understand that my boyfriend wont want to be going to vegetarian restaurants all too often because he is a big meat eater so I was wondering if you had any suggestions as well for those types of places that serve great vegan food alongside the regular meat dishes. I would really respect a response and this was the first time I have read your blog but I thoroughly enjoyed it and will be reading more!

    Best Regards,

    Loren (fellow vegan :))

    • HI Loren! Thank you for your comment! Well now to be honest I’m not familiar with the restaurants in Vilamoura – although I do know that a lot of them in the town centre are either very “British” or very modern – so if you tell the waiters they should be able to provide you with something, although I can’t guarantee that it will be nice. In the more traditional Portuguese places you could get some delicious potatoes and veg like I did, or maybe a nice pasta dish. There are some Thai and other Asian restaurants in Vilamoura which should definitely be able to cater for you – come to think of it we got a delicious Pad Thai in a Thai restaurant just on the marina in Vilamoura! I’m sure you won’t go hungry anyway 🙂 And I HIGHLY recommend going a day trip to Luz to go to Chicca’s! x

  35. I’m in the in between stage. I don’t really like meat and could live without it. I don’t like milk but love cheese, chocolate and prawns. Especially gambas españolas!!! I love beans and lentils etc…and probably eat vegan 70% of the day. I saw someone else posted about going vegan for a month. I was thinking of trying it. Maybe that would catapult me into veganism. I shut myself off from the animal stories because it’s so upsetting. But I feel guilty. Your story is inspiring. It’s nice that you were so honest in your battle to give up the things you loved to eat.

    • hi vanessa! Thanks for sharing your story! You’ll get there – and once you do you’ll realise it’s actually so easy! I clicked on your website link – your paintings are absolutely stunning! definitely my style of art 🙂

  36. Hi iv made this several times and love it! Just wondering could I add banana to it??

    Thank you

  37. Hi Gael’, you are an inspiration and a great positive role mode. ….As a young student in Brighton my land lady leant me a book called ‘Sugar blues’ after which I did everything I could to avoid processed food and contributing to animal cruelty so I stopped eating chicken ( I’d already stopped eating red meat which I didn’t want to handle; I’d never really thought about it when Mum was cooking and we never really ate an awful lot of it!) So age 18 in 1981 I became a health foody, 10 years later I stopped dairy after reading a book on the unsuitability of diary for humans. I think it’s great today; that we can all become educated and inspired by what’s current instantaneously! So finally 35 years since my first interest in health and 25 years of being semi vegan I am a one year old true vegan since reading China study have stopped the occational fish or goats cheese dip! Recently watched ‘forkes over knives’ and ‘cowspiracy’ Great these days with green leafy Geal and a whole pile of current plant based health motivators. Today with all the info available we can be so much more educated and it’s a bigger issue than I would have realised 35 years ago.

  38. Thank you for such a thorough review of your process. I haven’t used shampoo for about 18 months and I use coconut oil as a leave in… My curls have never been happier. I will send eveyone to your blog so I don’t have to
    explain my process, as you’ve done a beautiful job ✌

  39. Made this yesterday and it’s all gone! A fabulous recipe. Found it by googling gluten-free bread. Thank you very much GLG xx

  40. Ola GL Gael – great to read about your vegan experiences in the Algarve. And useful info for healthy eats in Lagos.
    I live near Monchique , up in the hills north of Lagos.
    I am growing a lot of my own food , and have planted lots of fruit trees. Organic of course.
    Just picked about 10 kilos of apricots off one tree !

    I try to eat vegan most of the time , don’t eat out that much really.
    If you ever make it to Monchique , there is a really nice cafe / tea room called Ochala which does mostly veggie stuff , and a few vegan lunches.

    I’ll try some of your Lagos tips when I’m there next !

    Paz e saude
    Cliffe H

    • Hello Cliffe 🙂
      Your farming sounds wonderful. My girlfriend (30) and me (35) are travelling to Portugal in the winter – may we visit you? Can you give us your contact data in order to find more information about your project? 🙂

      have a nice day,
      Lukas and Martina

  41. What an absolute godsend! Healthy pies!! I made a mash and onion filling. Delicious. However, according to Mr Vegan, the use of oats as a flour means this recipe contains a processed element and is, therefore, not WSLF

  42. Great article! I’m a big fan of wholegreen.
    On the Pizza front you missed the best one, Dougals Wood Fired Pizza have some amazing toppings which makes ordering without cheese a very easy choice 🙂

  43. I have been doing the “no-poo” method for about 2 months. I just message my scalp and rinse with 1/2 apple cider vinegar and 1/2 water. My hair is a lot healthier and no more frizz. I too am on a minimalist journey. Thank you

  44. I am a huge fan of Violife Cheese, the only crazy thing is that I haven’t tried it yet! Because I can’t find it! But I have high hopes from your review and the others I’ve read, everyone says it’s so awesome. I have a collection of Food & Drink products on my board I’m sure you’ll like but I’m not sure if they’re available in your area. http://sac875.dropmark.com/422601 🙂

  45. Lovely recipe – really a lifesaver for those needing gluten free, vegan bread! Only problem is the cooking times/temps in the original recipe are way off – after the initial 45/55mins at 180C it needs way more than another 10 mins out of its tin. In fact more like 30…probably at 140/150C tho am still experimenting with the best temp lol! I see from the comments you leave it longer at a low temp too – Might be worth adjusting the recipe above along those lines. First time I made it I let mine cool before I realised and it was so doughy it was uncuttable lol. But otherwise it’s a gorgeous recipe and so useful. Many thanks!

  46. Hi there! I just read this post after following you on Instagram for a while now. (I left a comment there too, but don’t worry, I’m not a stalker…just excited to find a like minded individual hehe!)
    I’m so glad that things are looking up for you as far as your living situation. And of course that you are safe. Barcelona is one of my favorite cities in the world and I was so sickened to hear about what happened. (I’m in the US).
    Anyway, I’d love to hear more about your life in Spain. After traveling throughout Europe last year (including Donegal believe it or not!), I’ve caught the wanna-be expat bug. I’ve seriously looked into Ireland, actually. Unfortunately it’s extremely difficult for an Amercian to move to Europe, but maybe one day…
    Keep up the great work you’re doing!

    • Hi Cara, thanks so much for your comment! I’ll definitely try and share more Barcleona living stories 🙂 Delighted you love Ireland – and Donegal! Where abouts in Donegal were you?

  47. Wow!! They all look great! I’m going to Krakow tomorrow and would like to visit some restaurants on your list. It’s so useful! Thank you for sharing it

  48. It looks and sounds a really yummy hairdresser Amy. The mint and eucalyptus in the Shampoo are so good for your overall hair and scalp health. Love the value you get in hairdressers in Spain, prices are abusive here in Ireland and most of the times the experience is poor . I will go to organicamente eco hair next time I am in Barcelona. for sure ! Love your blogposts xx

    • So true mayca! I’m just that used to Irish prices that I couldn’t believe how good the value was here! The shampoo was something I’ve never experienced – I’ll have to go back 100%! Thansk for the comment

    • Hi Rachel! Yes I think my mum made it a few times without treacle, it comes out fine but maybe slightly softer texture and not as strong a flavour – and the dough will be lighter. still yum though! 🙂

  49. Wow, thank you for such a great recipe!
    I tried it tonight, it tastes so delicious.
    I made double the quantity and made 1 loaf, and also made 20 approx porridge bread muffins (mini cakes) ! (I took the muffins out at 25mins) … Handy to whip out of the freezer. Many thanks again 🙂

  50. Beautiful Amy! So wonderful to know that mainstream places like Peter Mark’s are now offering vegan options! I haven’t had my hair cut in almost two years because I cannot find anywhere (around Dublin area) that uses vegan products. My hair is so damaged and dry now that I actually have mini dreadlocks forming in it every night… birds will be nesting in it soon! Haha, looks like I may have to trek up to Donegal!

    • Silly me, I thought it was only the Letterkenny Peter Mark that had the Pureology line, looks like all of them do! Woohoo, can’t wait to finally get my hair cut now and not have to have a constant battle with my hair! Thank you again Amy for sharing this! 😀

  51. Just what I was searching for to complement my Irish classes!

    I tried this a lot of time ago, the “normal” version, we were just married and got a book about international cuisine so that we made them… I am afraid that the version was not only not vegan, but also not quite “Irish” (I recall that it included baking soda) as the book was German. LOL.

    My wife eats gluten free so that she will certainly appreciate it.

    BTW, have you tried with coconut butter instead of soy butter?

    Go raibh maith agat! (

  52. Typical Marxist propaganda. The Marxist ‘elite’ want the population to be protein deprived so they’re weaker, less able to resist any physical threat in the form of government force. Threats from criminal elements means a weakened person will turn to the state for protection. Also a sick, protein-deprived person is a boon for big pharma who’re in league with the elite and such people rely on big phamra and thus can be controlled by them.
    Anti-meat propaganda is designed not only to weaken the population but to compliment the engineered leftist programming with the Marxist religion which includes feminisation of men. Feminised men are less able to fight and create resistance to state tyranny. They also do not fill a ccomplimentary role to women leading to less relationships and less marriages and less families. Destruction of the family is key to the elite’s ‘divide and conquer’ strategy meaning people won’t have family members to turn to for support and will turn to the state.

  53. I contacted Kinvara a few months back as they used to have the cleansing oil in a glass bottle and then changed to plastic, which I was concerned about so I contacted them to ask why. They told me they had received several complaints about people using it in the shower, letting it drop and the glass breaking (obviously a Health & Safety concern for them along with a customer satisfaction one). So, they went to great efforts to source the best plastic possible which ensures the product maintains all of its beneficial properties without the risk of glass breakage. Hope that helps!

  54. My daughter got me into no poo and your post here is great to read. My oposit hair to curly just bounces up when I use chia seed liquid after soaking overnight – admittedly I do use a styling product but it’s the method of cleansing hair which makes the most difference to my hair which although fine and lank I have a lot of it and unless I use the chia no poo to cleanse it just looks dull and heavy – hope this helps someone 🙂

  55. thank you so much for posting the recipe. The bread tastes phenomenal – sooo yummy, I want to eat it all day long. My first loaf crumbled but only because I tried to cut it while still warm. If you let it cool down it cuts beautifully.
    I recently went on a gluten free diet and the benefits I have experienced are extremely good. I feel 20 years younger with much improved fitness levels and many little health concerns gone including low blood sugar, constipation, cold feet, feeling cold all over and easy weight gain.

    • That is so helpful to read of your excellent health results from going gluten free, thanks Corinna.

  56. Is the salad and other recipes enough for M-F? I know the breakfast one specifies but the others don’t!


  57. Hi ps tell me the exact quantity of the yoghurt used. 1 tub is how many grams for this recipe. Tks

  58. Thank you for this! I’m heading to Krakow in a couple of weeks and am so excited for all these vegan options! xx

  59. These things I know even after passing one single time through Donegal …. Picknicks, yeah …. I suppose only an option in Donegal to bring your own food ….??
    Didn’t like Wholegreen at all, I didn’t think it good value for the money, could just choose 2 things for main course, no substitute for the salad I didn’t want (didn’t look so tempting) the food was okay, vegetables in the dish not cooked through; the potatoes on the side not ok and overcooked and just very few; staff was very unfriendly, not many offers, few but expensive products on shelf; long wait but the coffee then brought _with_ the food though I had ordered it when they said food would take longer – and it was really awful (the coffee). Chaotic, and the atmosphere not cosy at all, uncomfortable seating and atmosphere. Like “green” just meant the color green for the cheap deco.

  60. Decades ago when I became vegan it went without saying that *organic, whole food vegan* was basically the way to go; occasional fun non whole food but organic snacks and meals round that out. Support the growers who are not using poisons so when bees are protected everything else will be too.

  61. Hi
    What is a tub of Alpro Yogurt. 500g or 125g???
    I have made this using both yogurt sizes and adding almond milk to wet.
    Both came out heavy. Taste is fine and i will eat anyway as it is only oats and not wheat flour.
    I want to get this right for my daughter as she is having a lot of problems with eating.
    Cheers and thanks for your help in advance.

  62. Thanks for your review. Did you make pestos in it? Does it chop vegetables? Also what extra features does the vitamix offer? Is the magimix jug too heavy?
    Many thanks!

    • Yes you can make pesto! I’ve never tried to chop raw hard vegetables with it…not sure what recipe you’d ever do that for? it is quite heavy yes but it’s not a hindrance!

  63. I use the following recipe to make My porridge bread. you can substitute almond milk for the Skimmed milk and it works perfectly So Simple even I can make it

    500 grams (Half litre tub of Natural Greek Yoghurt) Vegan Natural Yoghurt option if making Vegan version
    add 2 teaspoons bread soda
    one teaspoon salt
    one free range egg (again leave out if vegan)
    Stir well
    To this mixture add 360 grams of Porridge oats and mix through . Turn out into a lined loaf tin Bake for 50 mins at 180 degrees Centigrade or a litle less in a fan oven Remove from loaf tin and bake for a further 10 mins to ensure an all-round golden brown crust. Stan to cool on a baking rack

  64. Great article, well written and informative. Love reading blogs about fitness and this one is one of the best reads i’ve ever had. Thanks

  65. Very helpful and informative – hoping to go to Krakow soon and I’m very glad the veg*an revolution has reached there already! BTW how did you navigate around the city? Please don’t say on your phone! What do the numbers after the street names mean?

      • I expect our hotel will have a map of the city centre. We’ll definitely be following your recommendations for the vegan eateries and I’d also like to do a cycle tour of the city. Looking forward to it and thanks for replying!

  66. These sound great but I am a little confused by the recipe; you said you got 6 balls of dough and rolled them out but the recipe says 6 pies – wouldn’t that be 12 balls of dough?