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Sustainable fashion

Jazzing Up a New Old Coat

What is it that they say… “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”? It’s so true! Especially for me because recently I have made the conscious decision to not buy directly from big multinational clothes shops that contribute to environmental damage through “fast-fashion“, and, who also contribute to childΒ labour and horrible work conditions in places […]

Health, Why vegan?

My Blood Test Results as a Vegan

My mother recently decided to take me and my boyfriend’s bloods out of curiosity, and probably an underlying sense of worry and fear that we are deficient in all the important nutrients that society thinks we get from meat: calcium, B12, protein, iron….   Well the results are in!   I am perfectly healthy πŸ™‚ […]

Health, Why vegan?

My Top 9 Reasons for Avoiding Dairy

The main protein in milk, casein, has been proven to promote tumour growth in laboratory rats. That’s not a good sign. Watch the following Ted Talk to hear one of the leading doctors in the field of disease prevention through nutrition talk about it: (07.56) Apparently the protein found in dairy is so acidic […]