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Natasha’s Living Foods are produced in the heart of the Donegal Gaeltacht, Gaoth Dobhair. A beautiful, rural setting for such a wholesome and honest product.

Natasha’s Snack Range is FREE FROM Wheat, Dairy, Egg, Soya, and Refined Sugar, making them vegan, and me, the prime candidate to write a review. (being vegan and from Donegal myself I presume).


Read on for a thorough analysis of the main products or click here to watch my tasting video.

Natasha’s Living Foods – Irish Vegan Snack Review

Natasha's Living Foods

So first I tried the Spicy Tomato Kale Crunchies.

Significant ingredient: Irish grown kale

They were without a doubt the most flavourful kale crisps I have tasted to date. I am in no way exaggerating. They reminded me of pizza! A great product for anyone trying to wean themselves off oil and fat soaked potato crisps. There’s no badness in them whatsoever and they still have the crunch and the flavour. The only negatives were that they get crushed quite easily. But I had them rolled up after being opened and stuffed in a bag for 12 hours – so what do you expect!

Raw Passion Health Bar.Natashas_Raw_Passion_Bar__13738.1458135398.460.345

Significant ingredient: Organic raw cacao

All I can say is OH MY GOD. Delicious is an understatement! This is so rich without being sickening and a delicious dark chocolate flavour without no bitterness. The balance of sweet and bitter and coconut is perfect! And the texture is melt in your mouth. A lot of health bars get flack for being dry and crumbly but I can tell you that Natasha’s bars are moist and hold their shape like no other. As you will see from my reaction in my tasting video, I liked this. I liked it a lot! Couldn’t recommend it more. One of the best snack bars I’ve ever tasted.

Natasha’s Raw Energy Health Bar was next. Natashas_Raw_Energy_Bar__69935.1458522368.460.345

Significant ingredients: Buckwheat, organic goji berries, organic white mulberries, raw organic almond butter

This bar has a layer of raw chocolate drizzled over the top – how decadent! The bar itself is moist and dense in texture but light and fruity in taste. The chocolate adds a hint of indulgence. The goji berries give it that hint of tangy berries. This is so satisfying! It’s a seriously healthy, life-giving snack disguised as a rich and decadent treat.

The last bar in the range is the Raw Power Health Bar.

Natasha's Living Foods

Significant ingredients: Hemp protein, chia seeds, cacao nibs.

This one is probably one for the gym nuts. It’s all about the protein! But it’s a healthy protein in the form of hemp so I wouldn’t feel worried about over indulging! When I first tasted this in my video I didn’t think it was as sweet or rich as the other two bars, but, I ate two in a row today and enjoyed them thoroughly! If your into body building and have an obsession with protein this one is for you! It has a lovely dense, moist texture like the other Raw Health Bars and is a very filling snack!


Natasha’s Banana Bomb ClustersNatashas_Clusters_Banana_Bomb__72068.1458548120.460.345

Significant ingredients: Organic banana, hemp protein, raw cacao, raw maca and spirulina (and lots of other magical superfoods)

I loved these – they are like cereal! They are crunchy with a hint of banana and sweetness. I’d say they would be amazing in a smoothie bowl or in banana ice cream (recipe video here). I can’t think of anything on the market similar to these so I don’t really know how to describe them – but they are lovely!


Natasha’s Apple Spice ClustersNatashas_Clusters_Apple_Spice__56417.1458550290.460.345

Significant ingredients: organic kale, apples, buckwheat and quinoa

Again crunchy cereal-like clusters with a hint of apple. You would think from the ingredients that these could taste like grass and gravel mixed together but however way they are made they are delicately sweet and have a  lovely crunch to them without being too dry or brittle. In my tasting video I did comment that these wern’t as tasty as the Banana Bomb Clusters but this morning  I put them in a bowl with milk like cereal and it was amazing! I did the same with the Banana Bomb Clusters and the Apple Spice won! So both are great in their own way. These would be a great treat over your porridge or on their own with milk.



Nearly every single ingredient (if not all) in these products is organic and raw (not heated above 43 degrees celsius) and there is a heap of superfoods packed into the bars and clusters. It’s very unique to have so many healthy ingredients in a convenience food and still have a moreish, decadent flavour. I loved everything I tried, as snacks, as breakfast and as a treat with tea.

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