My Top 9 Reasons for Avoiding Dairy

  1. The main protein in milk, casein, has been proven to promote tumour growth in laboratory rats. That’s not a good sign. Watch the following Ted Talk to hear one of the leading doctors in the field of disease prevention through nutrition talk about it: (07.56)
  1. Apparently the protein found in dairy is so acidic that it needs to be buffered down by the body which prefers an alkaline state. But guess how the body buffers down the acid from dairy products: it leaches the calcium from our bones!! WTF.
  1. Dairy is mucus forming in the body and therefore is a huge factor in asthma cases. I’ve heard of a few people through YouTube videos who have actually stopped using an inhaler and curing their asthma after going vegan.
  1. I’ve also heard that dairy is strongly linked to eczema and other skin problems including acne. This first study shows the link between eczema and a dairy elimination diet and the second is about acne and the link with dairy products. It’s VERY INTERESTING! (a study of patients with eczema put on a plant based diet and eczema symptoms are alleviated)
  1. The rate of osteoporosis (which they tell us dairy helps fight) is HIGHER in Western countries that eat a diet high in dairy than in countries with low dairy consumption, such as Africa, where they are all mainly lactose intolerant.
  1. Pus!! The poor cows are hooked up to those big metal machines for as long as they lactate and everything is sucked out of them…puss, infections and all! The milk may be pasteurised but it’s not sieved…!
  1. Now on to the ethical issue…how do you think a cow produces milk? It’s the same as a human woman. She has to be pregnant and then give birth to lactate. Do you think cows do this on purpose over and over again so they can give their calf’s milk to humans? Aye right. They are raped by artificial insemination or tricked into getting pregnant by a bull in more old fashioned farms but either way it’s the farmer who wants them pregnant. Being pregnant isn’t plain sailing either. Things can go wrong in birth or even before. It’s not kind to force an animal into this for money. And when the calf is born and it wants to feed from its mother? No, that’s our milk, so the calf is taken away from its own mother. If you watch the Gary Yourofsky speech you’ll hear him talk about this and he says that the worst scream he ever heard was from a cow whose calf was being taken away from them. And it gets worse. If it’s a male cow it gets sent to a cage to be reared for veal. Apparently they keep them trapped in a tiny cage so they can’t move around and develop tough tissue because IT MAKES THE MEAT TASTE BETTER!!!! I am stuck for words when I think that people actually think this is ok.
  1. I don’t know how obvious this one is or not but….we are humans…..cows are cows…..we, humans, are the only species on earth to drink the milk of another animal. WTF. You know when you were younger and you joked about saying: “Haha I wonder what the first person to milk a cow was thinking!”  (!!!) How come we never actually questioned it! We just went on thinking it was right because everyone does it and everyone has been doing it for thousands of years..! People have also been murdering each other and raping women for thousands of years….does that make it ok…?! Because its tradition?! Aaaah we need to wake up from this madness..!
  1. Another weird thing we do as humans. We drink milk as adults! No other animal in the world does that! They drink their mothers’ milk as an infant and when they’re old enough to get their own food or eat normal food they move on. But we, as adults, still tend to drink the breast milk of a lactating cow. Aren’t we mature.

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