My Blood Test Results as a Vegan

My mother recently decided to take me and my boyfriend’s bloods out of curiosity, and probably an underlying sense of worry and fear that we are deficient in all the important nutrients that society thinks we get from meat: calcium, B12, protein, iron….


Well the results are in!


I am perfectly healthy ๐Ÿ™‚

Although I was high in bilirubin which is something that is formed in the liver from the breakdown of fats (i think…). The only thing mum knew about it was that it is associated with jaundice. I panicked!

But, my uncle is a doctor soย I consulted him on the issue, and turns out my bilirubin was only over by 2 or 3 points…he then told me he had a patient in recently whose bilirubin was over by nearly a hundred points!! And he was actually fine…except a bit yellow….

I was also low in vitamin D ๐Ÿ™ ย Although you can get vitamin D from some animal products, it is not a healthy source. The sun is the best and most natural source of vitamin D.

But I live in Ireland…and we just had the worst summer that I can remember. I usually go on a summer holiday and bask in the sun for at least two weeks but not this year. I did goย to Portugal for five days and got a nice bit of sun but that was two months ago now.

The easiest way around this is supplements! No animals were harmed in the making of supplements and there is no associated risk of heart disease, diabetes, cancer etc. etc. So clearly I am going to choose supplements over animal products!


Anyway have a watch to see the full story.


PS. Keep watching to the end to see my boyfriends surprisingly good results!


Amy. x



  1. Hi Beautiful!

    I absolutely shared your sense of panic at bloodwork done this spring, while following an almost-vegan (some fish; I live on Long Island, in New York, and the occasional seafood dinner is very much a cultural staple…though it likely is in Ireland as well and you manage to abstain)! And while I share you vitamin D deficiency….I’d much much rather have that and feel lovely and full of love and light than to feel heavy and acne-ridden because of dairy hormones (very common in the US) etc.

    Your hair is absolutely stunning! That texture is so naturally glamorous, and effortlessly chic. I know thats not the point of this post, but well done beauty!


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