January Beauty Favourites – Cruelty-free and Vegan

Happy New Year everyone!

I know it’s well into January but I’ve been inactive on here since 2k15 so it is an appropriate greeting! The absence was due to not living at home, then living at home over Christmas and it being hectic,l plus the fact that I was trying to do a Youtube video every day, and then I havn’t had internet in the new house until now. But here we are now!

So I just wanted to share with you some cruelty-free and vegan beauty products that I am currently using on a daily/weekly basis. As veganism grows so does the demand for cruelty-free products. There are so many out there but here’s a selection of my current favourites and links to where to find them.

For hair:

Lani Tropical Hair Treatment


What is it? This is an absolutely beautiful blend of different natural oils that can be used as an overnight hair mask, a before shower treatment, or a smoothing serum for your ends. It is 100% natural – even check the ingredients. It’s literally just a blend of natural oils. It smells divine and the bottle is so pretty too.

Does it work? Not just saying this but it’s probably one of the best hair serums/treatments I’ve ever used. Even better than some mainstream argan oil type things. I’m not sure why it’s better but I can tell you that since I started using this stuff my natural curls develop soooo much easier and they fall far nicer with less tangles, less frizz and more of an overall, even curl…..if you know what I mean?? Curly haired girls will! My hair feels way softer and my curls are just a thousand times better than before.

How do I use it? Before I have a shower I brush out my hair and apply the oil to the bottom half of my hair. You don’t need much at all just grease your hands up with it and rub it through. You really should leave it for a while before you have a shower to get it to work. If I forget to do this though I just apply it to my ends after the shower. And by ends I mean just the tips! Any higher than that and you’re at risk of it leaving a greasy residue.



For make-up remover:

Coconut oil


What is it? It is the oil obtained from a coconut. (!) You can purchase it from many different brands and many different shops. But ultimately I think they are all the same. Except the cooking one. Don’t use that…

Does it work? It does. Best make-up remover I have ever used. You just rub it into your hands to melt it then just massage your face and eyes with it. Your make up will literally dissolve. It’s amazing to be honest. The hardest make-up product I’ve ever had to take off is the Urban Decay mascara that I use (yes vegan) and until I discovered coconut oil I used to go around with clumpy eye lashes because I could never get it off! So that’s how I know it’s so good. Definitely the all-time winner of make-up removers.

How do I use it? Massage onto face until make-up is removed. Have a warm wet cloth or damp cotton pads ready and wipe off with that. SO SIMPLES. And a thousand and fifty times better for your skin that ANYTHING else. Coconut oil is a 100000% natural product. Nothing else added. As well as removing your make up it will moisturise your skin too.

See my video on 6 different used for coconut oil here.


For cleansing/exfoliating the face:

Angels on Bare Skin – Lush


What is it? This is a ground almond based face and body cleanser. Not to be confused with a make-up removing cleanser! It’s more of a gentle scrub. Again, it is 100% natural with ground almonds and essential oils making up the majority of the ingredients, as well as lavender flowers! Yes actual lavender flowers! They make it smell unbelievable and it’s just so earthy and natural. I hate cleansers that smell like chemicals or are too foamy or fake, this feels so soft and natural on the skin.

Does it work? It depends what you want it for. If you’re looking for silky soft skin and blemishes and blackheads to disappear then yes. It works! It’s one of my favourite products ever invented to be honest. After every single use my face feels like silk, or a baby’s bum, or a new puppy (generic comparisons but couldn’t think of other smooth things!!) And if I’m having a bad skin week which can happen, if I start using this, my skin just starts to clear up like magic! I’m not exaggerating. If I go without this product for say, a month, (lack of funds probably) and then I buy it again, after just a few days of using it my skin becomes smoother and clearer. Every time! Now of course this product can’t control my hormones so it can’t stop spots but it definitely gets rid of smaller issues like black heads and blemishes and spots don’t last as long if I’m using this. I could not recommend this more, honestly!

How to use it: I use this always after my make-up has been removed. This is important because if you use it with bits of make-up still on your eyes you will really hurt your eyes. Make sure you’ve taken off all your make up first. Then when you’re in the shower, or just at the sink, put a little tiny chunk of it on your palm, like the size of a chick pea, or bigger. Wet it and rub it into your palm so it becomes like a paste and then just massage into your face. It feels so nice that you could end up just rubbing your face for 5 minutes, but I don’t see the harm in that because it is so soft and gentle. Then obviously wash off afterwards. Be sure to wash it off properly too because you could end up with wee bits of almonds in your eye lashes and eye brows!


For toner:

Salvie Sea skin toner


What is it? Ok I’m a bad person I lied. I am not currently using this product, but TRUST ME,  I would if I could! I’m just not in the financial position to afford it at this moment in time. But, I was lucky enough to get a few samples of this last year, and I haven’t forgotten how much I loved it! It’s an Irish-owned company who specialise in seaweed based skincare products. This toner is based on Neroli flower water and has other marine and botanical extracts in it. It is designed to tighten the pores after cleansing, and brightening the skin.

Does it work? Yes very much so thanks for asking! Ha no honestly this toner is so good because it’s made of up mainly natural ingredients so it smells natural and is very delicate but at the same it is quite astringent, so when you apply it to your face you can feel your pores tighten and your face brightening! It’s like splashing freezing cold sea water on your face – except much more pleasant and nicer smelling! Most toners from bigger mainstream non cruelty-free products are quite harsh on the skin and stingy in an aggressive way. This is far more natural and has a very subtle stinginess that feels good for the pores. It’s definitely the part of my skincare routine that I look forward to the most!


Night cream:

Lakiko night cream for oily skin


What is it? It is a 100% natural night cream made by an Irish company! Yay! The ingredients list includes essential oils, aloe vera gel and grapeseed oil. It smells and feels so fresh and natural. It’s very light compared to standard night creams but feels very luxurious on the face. It feels a lot more gelatinous than normal creams but it blends and absorbs far BETTER than normal creams (must be the aloe vera base). It always feels quite cold when I put it on too which makes it feel so fresh. No greasiness or sliminess to this. I highly recommend this one and I will definitely be going back for more.

Does it work? Yes indeed. My skin always feel smooth and tight in the mornings after using this. No dryness and no greasiness. To be honest, sometimes I could wake up and just go places without even washing my face…! I love this product.

How do I use it? Apply a small amount to the face just like moisturiser before you go to bed. Make sure your face is clean!! You will feel so fresh and so clean!



So folks there’s my January favourites/recommendations for skincare. Although to be honest I love all these products so much I don’t know how much will change if I do a “February favourites” post! But maybe I can pick different products for different uses! Let me know any of your favourite cruelty-free products and if you’ve tried these ones I’ve mentioned.

Hope you’re having a good and exciting January! (what? who has an exciting january….?)


Amy x


  1. Hi, am on the lookout for cruelty free vegan tinted moisturiser, can you help me? and can you tell me how to find out if a particular brand is cruelty free, e.g. Vichy

    many thanks

    • Hi Anne! Well I’ll tell you what I know but I wouldn’t say I’ve found THE answer yet…as in the thing that i’d keep buying forever! But I have used the Body Shop BB cream and I liked it. It was very subtle but good at the same time – but this was summer when I had a colour anyway…not sure what it would be like for winter skin. Also some people don’t actually agree with The Body Shop because they are owned by Loreal. At the moment what I’m doing is using the Lush Colour Supplement and mixing that in with my moisturiser. It works really well for my skin and it blends in really well with the moisturiser – probably because they are the same brand. But you could try it with any moisturiser. Regarding big brands, I know Urban Decay have a BB cream and they are cruelty free. I’ve never tried it though but I love their stuff I’d say it’s very good. And I heard on the grapevine recently that Nars is cruelty free but I’ve never used their stuff. I hope that helps! 🙂 x

    • Agh sorry just reading the bottom half of this message! There are websites that do lists of cruelty free brands. You basically just have to google it and it will come up in the first few row! That’s what I do. I don’t follow any particular site, I just google it if I want to find out. “Is Vichey cruelty-free” << for example! Hope that helps xx

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