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Hi everyone! Here are some of my current favourite vegan face & body products that I’m using in the shower and after the shower. They are all made from natural ingredients and do not contain any harmful chemicals. I love discovering new products that make my skin feel soft and smell delightful! I hope that you find something you like here! See the video here.



This is a delicious smelling concoction of oils supposed to moisturize, heal scar tissue,  and calm inflammations. It’s light on the face with a delicate consistency. It absorbs good and fast and so doesn’t leave you feeling greasy or slimy, and it smells like heaven on earth! The ingredients list is like a list of products collected on a tropical island and pressed into an oil on the beach as the sun goes down with the soothing beat of a tribal drum in the distance and flowers everywhere. It’s 100% natural – no chemicals, no preservatives, no animal derivatives (yes – most mainstream skin products have the derivatives of a dead animal inside of them – and it goes on our faces. WTF. Click here for a video on the topic). Lani are one of my favourite cruelty free cosmetics brand because they practice what they preach. They are a vegan brand and so their products are also vegan and cruelty-free. Their Instagram feed is #lifegoals and they often speak out and campaign for veganism through their stunning images.

Super Serum by Lani is £16.99 – get here.


Yesss like it’s 2000 again! Remember lip gloss though? It was essential to life in the early Noughties, along with some black (or green) eye liner. Let’s leave it at that for the reminiscing though.  Fast forward to now and we have moved from lip gloss to using Vaseline, and other faker than fake lip balms. For such small little tins they have fairly long ingredients lists! For one, Vaseline is petroleum jelly, as it comes from oil rigs. SAY WHAT. I stopped using it after I learned that – that’s not sustainable, eco-friendly, or natural. But, this Christmas, the key to natural and cruelty-free soft, supple lips was left under my Christmas tree by a lovely Postman fairy. It comes in the traditional glass tube, with ball on top applicator like those of yonder. And contains the following: Jojoba wax, sweet almond oil, carrot oil, essential oils of rose and vanilla. Sound sinister? No! It’s just simple and deliciously natural – no animals or fossil fuels were harmed int he making of this. And my lips feel like ripe cherries!

Sweet kiss lip gloss by Lakiko is €3.50 – get here.


Wapo is a Dublin-based natural cosmetics workshop, run by real beauty expert Mayca. She takes groups at home or in public workshops and teaches you the art of homemade beauty. All ingredients used are natural and easily found in the shops. I speak more about this amazing company here. Again, Santa was good to me and bestowed me with this professional looking moisturiser that just so happens to be homemade! I love this for the following reasons: 1. It contains only natural ingredients. 2. It was literally homemade by Mayca herself. 3. It is a cruelty-free and vegan product. 4. It is silky smooth and so so moisturising. 5. I love anything that does not contain harmful parabens or benzo-somethings or fake fragrances or animal derivatives. If you are in the Dublin/Leinster area you should definitely get on the ball here and learn how to whip yourself up some skin food.

Find out more here.


This one you may already know about. Lush are obviously on the high street which is a great thing. I know not all their products are vegan, and, not all of them are natural. But, A LOT of their stuff is and this is better than any other cosmetics shop on the high street. Plus, they are all for sustainability and try to encourage you to reduce packaging and return your containers. For this I respect them. And I also respect them because this product makes my face feel like a a peach and a nectarine mixed together – soft like clouds, but smooth like velvet, but still moist and taught….like an orange? I recommend trying this for yourself and seeing how it makes your skin feel. Did I mention it’s made from ground almonds and lavender flowers? They do not sell big enough tubs of it. Vegan? Check. Cruelty-free? Check. Natural ingredients? Check. Flowers? Check.

You can get it online here (but if you live in a big city just get yo self up off that seat!).


This was my first time using a body scrub properly. And actually, writing this blog post made me have to go to the Lush website to look this product up (Christmas present) and it’s made me love it even more! Firstly, the basics: it’s vegan, cruelty free, and natural. As all my faves are. Secondly: It’s fun to use! If you can step out of the shower –or out of the flow of water– for 2 minutes, just to give yourself a little scrub with this Buffy bar – do it! It’s smooth, but rough at the same time, so you really feel like your dragging all those dirty dead skin cells down the drain. The mixture of almonds and then the cocoa and shea butter mean you’ll be able to keep rubbing it in without using up the bar because the oils and moisture from the butters don’t wash off – you just have to keep rubbing and scrubbing until absorbed. Your skin will thank you for it! It’s like moisturising and exfoliating all at once….which would be buffing, ie. Buffy! (just getting that now…)

You can get it online here.


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