Dia daoibh! Let’s make some beetroot buns!



Beetroot-juice-may-boost-aerobic-fitness-for-swimmers_strict_xxlI had some Ballyholey Farm beetroots in the fridge this week and wasn’t sure what to do with them.

Finally, I decided to use them for something quite contrary – brownies! I found this amazingly easy recipe on the Minimalist Baker website (fabulous website) and thought that would be a very unorthodox use for Ballyholey beetroots! But I’m willing to give most things a try so off I went.

I made some changes to the recipe to make it ceoliac friendly (for my Mammy) so see below what I did to achieve this.

beetroot brownies beetroot brownies

beetroot brownies
Baking excites him

beetroot brownies beetroot brownies

beetroot brownies
Fairly excited

beetroot brownies beetroot brownies beetroot brownies IMG_2589 beetroot brownies beetroot brownies

Now I wouldn’t be myself if I didn’t switch around ingredients and play about with the recipe, so, as usual, changes were made:

  • Instead of granulated sugar I used a mix of coconut sugar and muscavado sugar (brown sugar);
  • Instead of vanilla almond milk I used plain soya milk;
  • Instead of the flour in this ingredient list – I used gluten-free white flour.

Because I had made so many changes the brownie/buns didn’t come out as fudgy as the recipe stated they would – but I’m sure it’s because of the changes I made. But, that said, they were still delicious and light and fluffy and very chocolatey – they melt in your mouth! Maybe if I hadn’t cooked them for so long they might have been fudgier, but, it makes no odds – they were a treat! They are perfect with a cup of tea in the afternoon or after your dinner.

Here is the original recipe:

To make my version just use the ingredients I mentioned above.

I hope you enjoy making these beetroot chocolate brownie buns! You can get delicious organic beetroot from Ballyholey Farm if you’re from around the Letterkenny area. The more local the better!

Amy x



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