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green detox smoothie
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This bright green detox smoothie gets its detoxing power from the coriander and parsley herbs. I had a mercury filling taken out yesterday! I didn’t request to have it taken out but I know many people do because, as I learned from the film “A Beautiful Truth”, mercury fillings are poisonous to our bodies. And […]

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Anti-inflammatory Turmeric Milk

Dia daoibh a chairde! This recipe is for turmeric milk. It sounds strange doesn’t it! Actually it’s a really tasty, sweet, night-time drink. Turmeric is probably best known as a spice used in Indian curries like Dahl. It is bright yellow in the spice form, but, if you can get it in its natural state […]

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7 Reasons Why Protein is Overrated

1. A Diet of Animal Protein Could Be as Harmful as Smoking The result of this study, which followed 6318 people, concluded that those who ate a diet high in protein were 4 times more likely to die from cancer than those following a low protein diet. “The percent of calorie intake from protein was […]