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10 Simple Vegan Breakfast Ideas

Here’s a pretty comprehensive rundown of really simple and really healthy (well some more than others) breakfast ideas for people who maybe might want to take veganism one meal at a time! Enjoy 🙂   1. A mono-meal of fruit! Mono-meal meaning eating a lot of one fruit, it could be 10 bananas, 3 cartons […]

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My Top 9 Reasons for Avoiding Dairy

The main protein in milk, casein, has been proven to promote tumour growth in laboratory rats. That’s not a good sign. Watch the following Ted Talk to hear one of the leading doctors in the field of disease prevention through nutrition talk about it: (07.56) Apparently the protein found in dairy is so acidic […]

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This post is for those who have learned about the truth of the dairy industry and the health implications of eating dairy and who want to transition to a dairy-free diet but might not have the full information about what they can eat instead! 🙂 For Milk: 1. Koko Coconut milk. This is the best […]

Why vegan?

3 Reasons Why I Went Vegan

  I found out meat and dairy are DIRECTLY  linked to cancer, heart disease and stroke – 3 of the leading causes of death in the western world. Through watching the documentary  Forks Over Knives I learned that the protein (yes the Holy protein..!) in meat and dairy actually FEEDS cancer cells! This test was done […]