Anneco mineral make-up – Irish, cruelty-free and vegan

Anneco Beauty is a 100% pure mineral make-up brand founded here in Ireland. Their products are completely natural and free from additives and chemicals. And as well as being so naturally safe for our skin, they are also safe for the animals: they are vegan and cruelty-free. In my opinion, before even trying this make-up, I thought “this brand has it all”! I love to support Irish products and when I find an Irish company that has a moral ethos and ethical practices, I get very excited!

I ordered their eye-brow powder and black eye-liner powder because they were two things that I needed at the time, but, the lovely ladies at Anneco sent me a few samples for me to experiment with as well. I was sent the yellow colour corrector for dark circles and two shades of their mineral foundation. I decided to use the make-up to create a normal, everyday look and compare it to my bare, naked face to show you if it was any good or not!

To make a long story short: this make up is EXCELLENT. I actually could not believe how good the foundation was. I had a doubt inside me that this makeup might be too good to be true, because on paper it has it all, but when I put it to the test, I was amazed.

Yellow Colour Corrector

COLOUR CORRECTOR YELLOW_0This product’s function is to hide dark circles and give the skin a bit of a “pick-me-up”, and it certainly does. It’s quite pigmented so when you blend it correctly it immediately brightens the skin and gives you a fresh, healthy tone. I used it under my eyes before applying the foundation. It is very easy to use and effective.


I took a photo of me before I applied anything to my face and again, after I applied the colour corrector. The sun was really bright this day so the quality of the photo isn’t great (and I’m squinting so my under-eyes look even worse!)


But in my opinion the difference in my skin under my eyes is quite significant after I used the colour corrector. ANNECO MAKE UP2

Mineral Foundation


I used my own foundation brush to apply the foundation. It glides on so easily and feels so light on the skin in relation to how much coverage you get from it. And because it is a mineral powder it also acts as a mattifying powder so there is no need for the layer of white powder that you would usually use between your foundation and bronzer.

I feel this make up gave me fantastic coverage without looking in any way caked or blotchy. It is so light and soft too, it feels amazing on your face. And it lasts all day! I used this a couple of times in the morning before work, and after work there was no blotchiness or shininess.



Below you can see the before and after.

Before is my face butt naked! The after photo was after I did the full make up. So it includes the yellow corrector, the foundation, my own bronzer which is a different brand, the Anneco eye brow powder and black eye liner powder, and my own mascara. And that’s all I had on! It all felt so light on my face. I felt confident enough that I didn’t have to reapply anything throughout the day and it provides amazing coverage for such a natural and light product. That’s probably the best thing about the foundation: it’s so unbelievably light and soft, but when you apply it, it covers everything, without adding another layer to your face.

I HIGHLY recommend this foundation and I will definitely be buying this at the end of the month. ANNECO MAKE UP1

Black eyeliner/eyebrow powder

EYELINER BLACK_0I bought this to use as eye liner, thinking I could use water to make it into a kind of liquid eyeliner. And you can do that with it but I am just so unskilled at make-up that personally, it didn’t work too well for me. But, that said, I don’t think I was using the correct brush so when I tried to use it as eyeliner it was just really uneven. IMG_8243

I know there are gels and things that you can buy to create a liquid paste with it, which I would recommend if you are talented at makeup application.



For this look I just used it dry as a powder and applied it underneath the bottom lash line and into the inner corners of the eye for definition. I don’t normally do this but I actually really liked the effect in the end and will definitely keep using it to recreate this daytime look.



Brown eyeliner/eyebrow powder

EYELINER BROWNMy eyebrows are very sparse according to the lady who did my eyebrows last! *chuckle* So I always use some sort of eyebrow powder to full in the brows when I’m wearing IMG_8214make up.



I use a short angled brush to apply this and it’s brilliant! It’s very pigmented so I don’t need to use a lot at all and I use an eyebrow brush to soften the effect.


A little goes a long way with this stuff and it’s the perfect colour for dark brunettes. Big thumbs up for this one!


IMG_8254Here’s how Anneco describe their products: 

Our Mineral Make Up is:

  • – Non-comedogenic so it won’t clog pores
  • – Non-acnegenic
  • – Chemical-free
  • – SPF 15
  • – Scented naturally with orange essential oil

I feel like there is no reason on earth that anyone would buy the more conventional brands of make-up now that we have brands such as this to choose from. It is an ethical choice for the planet and the animals. It is also a choice that would benefit the local economy (if you’re Irish).  And it’s a choice for you. It won’t leech dirty, harmful chemicals into your skin. It will make your skin look and feel great in a natural, harm-free way. I genuinely think this is one of the best natural and vegan make-up brands I have tried in a long time ever. It is very hard to find something good that is both vegan and natural. But here is one that is made down in County Laois by one of our own! I’ve included the before and after pictures so you can make up your own mind on how effective it is. Personally, I think this is an amazing brand. You can check them out here.

Amy xx




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