These amazing Dublin restaurants are 3 of the best places to eat vegan in Dublin – definitely put them on your list.

Umi Falafel

Aw Umi Falafel is the best place everrrrrr! It has quite the range of Middle Eastern themed salads like tabbouleh and also ones with chick peas, quinoa, or cous cous. They also do the best falafels in Dublin and you can get them on a salad, on their own with a range of dips or in a wrap or sandwich with all the Middle Eastern trimmings like pickled cabbage, gherkins and hummus! TO DIE FOR!!!eat vegan dublin

This place is vegetarian but the majority of the dishes are vegan and it is a great place to bring non-vegans because, well, the food is so damn good! And it’s very filling, you get huge portions for the price, and when eating falafels it allows the diner to feel as if they are eating something meaty or “substantial” as my mother used to refer to it. HA. For a salad and a portion of falafels, which comes with dips and pitta bread, it will cost you around €12! And when I say salad I don’t mean lettuce, cucumber and tomato. Like I said before they are elaborate concoctions with chickpeas and cous cous or other grains, derived from homely recipes from places like Lebanon and Palestine. They come in hearty sized bowls and paired with a portion of falafels or filo rolls your set!

Oh and here’s a treat for coeliacs: the falafels are gluten-free! Say whaaaaaaat?!

eat vegan dublin
My own photography skills
eat vegan dublin
Stolen from Umi Falafel’s website

Go here people. Seriously go here.

Price Range: €

Location: https://goo.gl/maps/Mew5KL18eyB2

Cuisine: Palestinian/Middle Eastern

Notable dishes: CAN’T DECIDE!!! EVERYTHING!!

PROS: Value for money. Top quality food. Good variety of food.

CONS: It’s a very casual setting. Don’t be expecting to go here for a romantic sit down meal with your lover. Well you can go for a sit-down meal but…there won’t be any candles…!


Stolen from Cornucopia's Facebook
Stolen from Cornucopia’s Facebook

Cornucopia is a long-standing and well-established vegetarian restaurant in Dublin city centre. They are in the business long enough to know the craic. They know what they’re at these folks.

There is a daily breakfast until 12pm where you can get freshly poured granola and fruit or a freshly-made, veganised Full Irish (see we don’t miss out). They have a huge selection of lunches and dinner throughout the day, all varying in cuisine, but all healthy, homemade, whole food. It’s counter food so you go up get to get your food and pay before you eat, but, that does not take away from the quality of the food.

eat vegan dublin
Stolen from Cornucopia’s Facebook

The majority of dishes are vegan…should I guess a number? I’ve heard 95% been thrown around….it could be less…I hope it’s more though. But aside from a ginormous array of lunch/dinner options, there is also desserts, teas, coffees and juices aplenty! Like I said, these guys know what they’re at! They stay open late from Wednesday to Saturday if you want to experience a more formal affair, but in my experience, going here it was fairly casual and chilled. I love Cornucopia because there is so much choice and there is a massive focus on health here too. It’s definitely a no-brainer. If you are floating about town, you go here. No questions asked!

Price range: €€ (and a half)

Location: https://goo.gl/maps/kXg74Dv1Btq

Cuisine: Irish or continental breakfasts, multi-cultural salads and generally European or Irish themed hot foods.

Notable dishes: Too many to choose from but I had a shepherd’s pie from here once and it was the best thing I ever tasted.

PROS: Good variety and wholefoods focused

CONS: Probably pricier than the other places. Can be very busy.

Happy Food

eat vegan dublin
Yes this is actually the entrance! Keep going though you will end up somewhere fab 🙂

Happy Food is a café which is part of a yoga centre called the Yoga Hub, but it is open to the public, not just yoga goers! It’s a very casual, chilled out setting with crazy good food! I’ve only ever been here for dinner but they do breakfasts and lunches too. The breakfast menu looks innovative with the chickpea scramble in their Full Vegan Breakfast and then their almond porridge looks interesting too.

The lunch and dinner menu boast amazingly big and hearty burgers with the option of adding vegan cheese. I’ve had one of these burgers, and I can tell you, they are big. Big like the moon.

Another innovative aspect of their menu is the seitan kebab which you can find on their evening menu. I tasted it and in terms of texture and flavour it was nearly uncanny to a meaty kebab! It’s clean and animal-friendly though!


eat vegan dublin














Happy Food’s menu is hearty and wholesome and they recreate typical meat-lovers’ favourites in a very original and healthy way. This is the only 100% vegan restaurant on this list so go and support them. The things they can veganise are endless and it makes you wonder, why the hell are most things not vegan?!

Price: € (and a half)

Location: https://goo.gl/maps/dMUGaDiM8xy

Cuisine: Modern, rustic vegan takes on traditional meaty meals…what cuisine is that?

Notable dishes: The only thing I’ve tried was the chia cheese burgers and the buffalo wings on the evening menu, they were both very notable!

PROS: 100% tasty hearty vegan food at very reasonable prices!

CONS: New on the evening dining scene so might not be 100% up to scratch on proper restaurant serving style/etiquette, but the food and the friendliness makes up for it!

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