10 Simple Vegan Breakfast Ideas

Here’s a pretty comprehensive rundown of really simple and really healthy (well some more than others) breakfast ideas for people who maybe might want to take veganism one meal at a time! Enjoy 🙂


1. A mono-meal of fruit! Mono-meal meaning eating a lot of one fruit, it could be 10 bananas, 3 cartons of strawberries, 6 mangoes, apples, oranges etc. etc. you catch my drift! Why is this easy? Because no prep involved except lifting and putting to mouth.

Oh here’s an important tip: melons can be digested in 15 mins – provided you don’t have any dead rotting flesh stuck in your gut– so always eat melon alone…for optimum digestion. If you have good digestion 24 / 7 then you may disregard this and experiment! The reason mono-meals are better than mixed fruit meals is because if you give the body different types of fruit all at once it will have to struggle slightly as different types of fruit are digested at different speeds. So eating the one type of fruit is best.Why is it healthy? Mono-meals of fruit are the easiest thing for your stomach to digest. Fruit is the fastest digesting food for our bodies which means the body doesn’t have to strain to digest it. It does it with ease, leaving more energy to do other things like heal and play!


2. A fruit smoothie! There are so many options here I don’t even know if there’s a point explaining!

Basically, get 1 or 2 fruits that are reasonably similar in sweetness or in the same fruit groups (so they digest well together), put in the blender (to the top), add some sort of liquid like water, coconut water, plant based milk, apple juice, orange juice etc., some greens or nuts or powders, or any fancy stuff you want in your smoothie to make you feel like you’re eating superfoods, something to give it extra sweetness because your blending the fruit with something less sweet so like dates, coconut sugar, or lucuma powder (never tried it but heard it nice) and blend!

3. Cereal! An old traditional favourite, how simple can you get. Just find your favourite plant based milk and pick a relatively clean cereal. I would highly recommend organic cereals, gluten free is good, and the lesser processed the better and check the ingredients to make sure there is no milk or honey! If you get a plain cereal you can always jazz it up with the likes of dates, goji berries, nuts, seeds, agave syrup, fresh berries, banana etc.! Again the possibilities are endless!


4. Toast. Hi I said simple breakfast ideas! Try to get organic bread because word on the street is that wheat is GMO and sprayed with all kinds of dirty filthy chemicals. That being said though I myself do not buy organic bread (because my mum buys the bread). But when I don’t live at home I don’t really buy bread unless I see organic bread. Oh and sorry to break it to anyone Irish, our beloved traditional brown bread and soda bread is not vegan. It has buttermilk and butter in it. This is unfortunate but I have, on my mental to-do list, a plan to try to make a vegan version. I have seen some recipes online I just need to get a day to do it. If successful I will share.

But yeh don’t be afraid of toast! If it is a whole organic toast it’s a natural enough food! High carb for the win!



5. Beans on toast. People like beans on toast! And it’s vegan too….do I need to explain this anymore? People surely know how to make beans on toast? Try organic baked beans if you can spend the extra few cent…it’s just better for everyone.


6. Scrambled tofu…oooh yeessss I went there…. 🙂  But no just wait until I explain here. Scrambled tofu is a vegan take on scrambled egg, minus the chicken period. It is really similar in texture and colour and personally when I made it first I thought it tasted like scrambled egg! But it’s been a while so I don’t know how similar it really was but my aunty and uncle absolutely loved it and they know the real thing.

There are so many recipes online but I’ll give you a list of what I put into it, and you can look at actual recipes online to get a general estimate of quantities: Firm tofu, plant based milk, vegan mayo, turmeric, cumin, paprika, nutritional yeast, salt&pepper, I might have put lemon juice in to….but check the recipes online for a breakfast version and experiment! It’s amazeballs.

7. Smoothie bowls! Smoothie bowls have taken Instagram by storm….mainly because they look pretty. But they are basically just thicker smoothies in a bowl with toppings of your choice. They can be anything from berries, shredded coconut, coconut sugar, crushed nuts, goji berries etc.

Personally I think smoothie bowls should be thicker than drinking smoothies so kind of like melted icecream….so using frozen fruit along with your normal ingredients helps make it thicker. And use less water. I don’t know how obvious that one is so I had to say it…

8. Fruit salad. I know I said it is better to eat one type of fruit at a time for your digestion’s sake but if you’re feeling adventurous or if you have a steel stomach then experiment away with different combos! A selection of different types of melon would be nice with passion fruit over the top! Or plums, peaches and nectarines. Or different citrus fruits in winter. Or all three…! Be an artist..! I would recommend soya natural yoghurt on top if you had to have a topping. My favourite food growing up was fruit salad and natural (Greek) yoghurt and I swear it is still unreal but with plant based yoghurt instead! (because yoghurt is cultured cow pus) 🙂

9. Porridge. A big one for us in Ireland because eating fresh fruit on a cold winters day isn’t the most satisfying breakfast you can have….especially before going out in the gale force winds and icy rain. (What lovely winters we have…) SO porridge is the answer! For me anyway! What I recently learned to do is to soak my porridge over night! I do this with juice or my plant based milk, and then in the morning it’s basically already cooked, and all I need to do is heat it up. It’s far quicker than cooking it from scratch in the morning.

If you add chia seeds to it while it’s soaking overnight too it makes it even softer and smoother in the morning. Chia seeds do some weird shit to things. But good shit. Try it honestly.

And again porridge is a blank canvas for all your healthy sprinkles so add your berries and your nuts and your dates and you have yourself an interesting breakfast.

10. Avocado on toast! So easy, so tasty, so quick to make. Make sure your avocado is soft to feel, scoop it out and mash with lemon juice, salt and pepper. Spread on lovely organic toast. Bam. Enjoy.

Let me know what you thought of this post!